Digital visualisation of archaeological sites

The Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou experience

About me

I am a PhD candidate at the University of York, Archaeology Department. My research interests are focused on 3D modelling, 3D interactive media and audience reception.

My project

My research project aims to understand how people interact and engage with digital visualisations of archaeological sites.

The survey

This online survey will help me to collect users' feedback and use it to improve 3D models, making them more engaging and understandable.

3D models and visualisations of archaeological sites can improve human spatial perception and cognitive processes, give a sense of an inhabited space and provide an engaging experience.

They should not be conceived just as a realistic visual representation, but as an interactive medium whose goal is to present the interpretive process of the research and provide a digitally mediated learning experience about a past culture.

In order to assess its efficacy, this medium needs to be properly evaluated, taking into account several factors, such as cognitive response, emotional and intellectual perception.


Meet Francesca

University of York
Francesca Dolcetti

Francesca Dolcetti

PhD Candidate